new pool owner..question about 1" chlorine tablets

Jun 29, 2012
Tri cities,TN
Hi Guys,
I should be setting up and filling my Intex 15'x48" pool this weekend hopefully..I really am glad I "stumbled" across this forum...I really like the BBB pool method I read about...luckily I only bought one packet of pool shock which I will use after the initial fill up..then will revert to chlorine bleach bottles from here on out to keep CYA levels in check..

I also have already bought one gallon bottle of algeacide and one bottle each of Ph+, Ph- from lowes...rather than return them I will simply use them as needed until they are gone then switch to borax and baking soda thus completing the cheaper BBB method.

I do have one question tho..I also have 5 pounds of 1" tablets and a floating chlorine dispenser...bottle says 2 tablets every other day for my pool size..(4400 gallons)...the tablets take 3 or 4 days to break down bottle says....

Is it ok to use the floating tablets as maintenance chlorine and bottled bleach to shock and raise FC as needed or should I do away with the tablets and floating dispenser all together and just use bottled chlorine only? The tablets are so expensive that after this bottle runs out I dont see me buying anymore if I dont need to and I bought them online so would be expensive to return them.

Dont see a search function for this site so kinda hard to look for my answer by going through thousands of old threads one at a time ..


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May 19, 2010
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Re: new pool owner..question about 1" chlorine tablets

realize that the cyaa does not go away without removing water from your pool.
you can use the tablets until the CYA reaches the recommended levels but then you should switch to liquid chlorine.

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