New pool owner, next steps with chemicals


Mar 13, 2017
This is my very first pool. It is a 12x24 Intex rectangular above ground pool. With SWG and 60110 sand filter. Been filling over the last few days, and trying to get chemicals correct now that it is filled.
Current readings:
FC .5. (Added More bleach)
CC 0
TA 120
PH 7.5
Salt 3200
CYA 50 - it been dissolving over the last 24 hours and is not completely dissolved yet.

Cya is in a sock in the skimmer and not completely dissolved yet. Just put it in yesterday. I have not turned on SWG yet .

Do I need to do anything for the TA or just watch it? It was lower yesterday at 90 the first time I tested, but that was before I added the CYA. Should I turn on the SWG or keep adding bleach ?

I have the TF 100 kit


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May 3, 2014
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TA will go down as you manage the pH in the 7's.

You can turn on the SWCG. Add bleach to raise your FC to target level for your CYA. Then set the SWCG to create about 3 ppm FC per day. Test FC at the same time every day and see if the SWCG is making enough or too much FC.