New Pool Owner inherited some odd settings specifically "spa mode" draining spa & pool mode actually in spa mode.


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May 17, 2020
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Hello all (over the last 24 hours I've crash coursed pool systems so I think I can speak somewhat coherently (I hope),

So I literally inherited this pool (and house) and as great as it is nothing is labeled on the system itself. However, another post on this forum led me to discover my actuators were in the wrong toggle. So when I go to "Spa Mode" it would actually drain the spa into the pool. What I was able to deduce was that the company "doing weekly maintenance" on the pool had the actuators set to run the return through the spa only and left the auto vacuum running all week. Algae is building up now and my guess is that's partially from the pool water stagnation due to no circulation as the pool return valve is CLOSED in pool mode leaving only the spa jets to run and the skimmer in the pool does work, just not the return.

So the water flows from the skimmer, through the filter, and returns through the spa (I believe bc no water is circulating from pool jets)

Now when I go to spa mode the actuators move and it drains into the pool as the valve is not properly calibrated.

Off a suggestion from another post here I switched the toggle to the second setting on the actuator and low and behold after the pump fired back up the pool jets started to work, the spillover from the hot tub was weaker but the water in the pool was circulating.

Now with the pool setting appearing to be working properly, I tried the spa only mode and it shut the pool return off and closed the system to the spa properly (I think). However the blower doesn't seem to do anything, but the spa no longer drains into the pool.

So with all this great background my questions are where should my valve settings be for pool mode and why on earth would the maintenance people have this set this way? Nobody has lived in the house for 6 months and they were supposed to be taking care of it but everything was a dirty mess.

Attaching pictures and I'm sorry nothing is labeled but I'll edit to see if I can give what I THINK everything is.

This is how I now have it set in "pool mode" with the pool jets working:


Here's the intake:


I have good PSI on filter close to 15 on setting 1 for the pump, and around 10 for the lower rpm setting 2.
Not sure what's up with blower.
Heater works great.

I have someone coming out in a few days I just want to make sure the system is in a good setting. When I got here the pump as straining cause the vacuum set up with allowing too much air in so I arrived in the nick of time as they say.

Sorry for the long post, and thanks in advance.


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Jul 21, 2013
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Welcome to TFP Eddie. I think I know which thread about setting actuators you were watching.

There is no "correct" position for the toggle switch on the actuator. Whichever position gets the valve in the correct position for the pool or spa mode the controller is in.

If you want to stop the spillover in POOL mode you need to reset the cam in the actuator to fully close the SPA return.

Please create your signature with details of your pool and equipment. What automation do you have?

Blower is pretty simple. Have you checked the circuit breaker to the blower? You have a multimeter to check power at the blower electrical connection?
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