New Pool Owner In Wisconsin


May 8, 2017
Fort McCoy Wisconsin
Hey all, Just bought a new to me house, it has a 35x20 pool with a slide and diving board. Looking to get information on how to open it, clean, maintain, and winterize it when the time comes. I look forward to learning as much as I can from the experts here!


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
Well Hello Stormfeather!! How Exciting!

Your best bet is to dive into the Pool School articles up top, and get one of the (2) test kits we recommend.

Your pool obviously is big if it has that diving board and slide, so my recommendation is the TF-100. You can order if from in NC or from Pool Supply World in California or from Amazon from <a mystery warehouse>. I think is probably the fastest route to you.

In PoolSchool you'll read how testing is the backbone to managing your pool our way. Our way is also the cheapest and gives sparkle to your pool that many pool owners who live in the pool store <cha-ching!> can only dream about.

We love pictures <hint hint!>

Maddie :flower:

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