New Pool Owner in Florida


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Sep 11, 2019
Port Saint Lucie, FL
Test as of yesterday at non Leslie's pool store: 90 Alkalinity; 0 Chlorine; 8.0 pH; 350 Calcium; 50 Stabilizer - Phosphate level was at 200, so they recommended that I add a phosphate remover, which I did prior to reading more on what it's purpose was. I ended up adding about a liter and a half to my roughly 12k gallon pool. I added the remover at about 6pm last night and have had the pump on since. I had to clean the filter early this am since the pressure was kind of high and the water flow level was weakening. Pool was cloudy immediately after I added the remover and was a little less cloudy this morning. Not sure if I added too much, but they told me to add 2 32oz bottles of the remover, but I only ended up adding 1.5 bottles. When I cleaned the filter, alot of the milky water washed off and the pump is still running. Guess we'll see later how it look.


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May 18, 2016
West Bloomfield, MI
Hi Ray, welcome to TFP! Please take Marty's advice above and do some reading. I promise you it's time well-spent, and a proper test kit is money well-spent.

We tend not to trust pool store test results, but if they're remotely reasonable, you're starting from a decent place to have very balanced water with much less trouble and expense than you're experiencing now.