New pool owner/app issue


New member
Jul 22, 2021
Charles Town, WV
Hello, brand-new pool owner here. Bought a house in WV with a 13,000 gallon in-ground chlorine-based pool. I'm needing to get CYA levels down and did a 50% water change, and it's "down" to just over 120. It was off the charts before. I'm guessing another water change is in my future.

I'm also using the TFP app, and logging chlorine additions, but it won't show on the main page under Free Chlorine. I've tried to add CYA level as well, but there doesn't seem to be the option to just add a number so it shows up on the main page. I've logged out and back in, restarted the phone, etc...

Any assistance would be appreciated, thank you!