New pool owner and new here!


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Dec 12, 2019
Riverview, FL
Hey all! New to the site and found you all searching some things about my new pool. We just got done with construction and very happy with the outcome! I'm very much a DIY person (when I have time) and looking at my first project being installing solar pool heater in the coming months. We opted not to have a heater installed with the pool as its FL and I mean, electric/gas aint cheap here!

For what its worth, looking to network with anyone who has good knowledge of Jandy and iAqualink/Aqualink RS equipment. Pool will be salt water once the pebletech cures, so they haven't installed the SWG yet. Also looking to add accent lighting around the pool deck and running it from my box. I have a great resource from my builder (the tech guy is a geek like me so we made friends quickly). But, don't want to bother him with bigger questions like what all I need to get with solar heating panels (valves, controls, etc). I google a lot but don't like to do a job more than once!

Very excited to be a member of this community and looking forward to helping others as I learn the ropes on all of this!


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Jun 16, 2019
Welcome! Just installed the TruClear SWCG this summer and couldn't be happier. Congrats on finding this site before the pool is in will save you a lot of trouble if you read the pool school sections and read everything you can before it's ready to go. Remember to put all your pool and equipment info in your signature