New pool owner - 1st Opening, 2nd Swim Season

Apr 14, 2016
Waynesboro, PA
Hello from Pennsylvania. I've been searching and reading here for a while now and finally decided to join. I'm looking forward to learning even more now that I can post up some questions.
When we bought our house it had an intex ultra frame pool at the end of our 1,500 sqft deck. We bought in winter so the pool was closed. I discovered that it was leaking badly and that the cover was hiding a swamp of nastiness. So we decided to tear it out and put in a new 24' doughboy. With one season in the books, I'm now looking to change some of the plumbing and doing away with the 6ft flex hoses that came with the pool/installation. I'll be posting up some questions in another thread in a bit. Thanks for all the information and support this forum has already provided and thanks in advance for all the help regards to my questions. :)