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Apr 8, 2017
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Hello everyone,
A few weeks ago I decided to buy a 16' above ground intex pool for the summer. Having had been in an apartment for the last 2 years I always had access to the pool there and was missing having a pool. Unfortunately, it is harder than I expected. I found out there was a specific vacuum to use for this pool that is made by intex. After purchasing the vacuum, I realized I had to purchase a stronger pump. Uggghhh... Today is the first time I began to see some slight green in the pool after using chlorine tablets. I also went and bought clamps to try to use to hold the pool cover on during the week since we only use it on the weekends. The high winds here in El Paso, TX are ridiculous and blow a large amount of dirt around constantly. I think this website will help me get back on track though and will hopefully have a sparkling pool for my daughter's birthday party in 2 weeks!


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Jan 17, 2012
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Okie doke, Jessica! We're here to help you meet the challenge. Random comments here in no particular order:

Have you ordered a test kit yet that measures *everything*? I'd suggest the TF-100, unless you already have a Taylor K-1000 which measures pH and if you do just order the TF-50. Online: Ships from NC fairly fast!

I saw one pool cover on an above ground pool where the owner used water filled jugs from clorox bottles hung around the cover (looped somehow on to the cover rope) and it solved his problems because it provides extra weight to the cover. So since you already *need* to stop using pucks in your pool, you should start collecting a few empty jugs of bleach.

Pucks have ingredients in them that cause you to need more and more chlorine to overcome the higher stabilizer. Big problem as algae takes over when you don't realize this and haven't used enough chlorine. GO for bleach only. Stabilizer only. No compound products please. WHen you put single chemicals in the pool you have a better chance of monitoring the levels of each chemical better. All you need is bleach and stabilizer usually.. If problems develop maybe something else, but not until them and check with us first.

Have you read this yet- ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry and this--> Pool School - Guide for Seasonal/Temporary Pools and lastly, because you see green algae you need to SLAM-

How are you set up for draining some water out to lower your stabilizer (cya) level and refilling. Can you do that? Then the SLAM will go much faster with lower CYA levels.

Maddie :flower:

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