New pool, old water, new SWG... new test kit?

We are waiting for a pool build for next week. We are going from an above ground pool to another one but in a different location in the yard and we'll start using a SWG for the first time. We'll be pumping the old water into the new pool which I've got balanced now other than needing to raise the CYA when I start running the SWG.

I've been using the K-2006 with no complaints really. In looking at my reagents I'm running low on the 870 and 871. I have the huge bottle of the 013 which is 3/4 full. Most of my other regents are at least 3/4 full and nearing their expiration dates. I test chlorine and ph almost daily when I used bleach. I never bothered with the acid / base demand, I test alkalinity every now and then but only if my PH gets out of whack and calcium once a year at the beginning.

So my question to you is, in addition to getting a salt test does it make sense to get a new test kit because everything is about to expire or just restock some of the regents individually? Does having a SWG cause people to do more tests (other than salt obviously) than they would when using bleach? For example will I be testing alkalinity more often?

Even though it looks like I need a refill on almost everything, getting a full kit would give me too much too soon. Why buy a calcium reagent if I won't use it for another year?


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does it make sense to get a new test kit
Absolutely. Don't agonize over saving pennies when a bogus test result may cost you a lot of money.

New reagents gets you virtually a new kit and that $30 or so bucks is the best money you will ever spend.
Thanks. I think I worded my question poorly. I'm definitely not giving up on having a good test kit. My thought was, my reagents are pretty much all in need of replacement due to age and I need to get a salt test. Is now a good time to think whether I should switch from the k-2006 to the TF100 and / or not replace the acid / base demand reagents (I just adjust using a little less than pool math tells me and then retest PH for example).

It seems the Taylor kit gave me more than I need in terms of the type of tests I do and how frequently I do them. It seems wasteful that I'm going to be throwing out almost a complete set of reagents. If there's a better bundle option now is as good a time as ever to evaluate what I need. I'm more trying not to be wasteful than trying to save a few bucks.