New pool, new water what’s next


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Sep 15, 2019
I just put the liner in last week, filled the pool halfway with water. The pool is a 20k inground soon to be salt water pool. The filter is not connected yet but I want to winterize the pool before it starts to get too cold.
I ordered the TF100 test kit. What should I do next? Any advice from the pool experts would be great.


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Aug 15, 2017
Spring Valley, NY
Since you're in NNJ I would not hook up the filter now. Fill pool to just below returns. If there's a main drain then that needs to be airlocked too. winterize any pipes below the water level assuming water will rise over the winter from precip. Any equipment on the pad the previously had water also needs to be drained down. I would only worry about chlorine now. Test and bring it up to slam level per the cya/chlorine chart, mix it in well with the pool brush or if you have a pool robot and then call it done.
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