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May 10, 2020
Maryville Ca.
Purchased 33 x 18 15,000 Gallon AGP. Hayward Super Pump VS and Hayward C4030 quad Cartridge filter, Hayward AQR15 40,000 gallon Chlorine Generator.
Pool came with 1 skimmer and one return. I used a GreenLee punch and punched 2 additional holes on the far end of the pool.( 1 return and one supply). I have videos of the project if anyone is interested.
Question: the skimmer has a 1.5” outlet, the return is 1.5”, the new supply and return at the other end are both 1.5”. The Super PUMP VS uses 1.5” connectors. The filter and Chlorine Generator use 2” . Does it make sense to run all the PVC 1.5” or should I run everything 2”. The equipment pad will be about 10 feet from the end of the pool with the skimmer. With a total of 1 skimmer, one 1.5” intake and two 1.5” returns I will be continually reducing or stepping up the pipe size to accommodate the 2”.
Side Note: I have everything except the Chlorine Generator temporarily connected to the Skimmer and original return using flexible 1.5” pool hose while I prepare my equipment pad and wait for the Generator to be delivered tomorrow. My pump is running at 1000 rpm using only 34 watts and has fantastic pressure and skimmer flow. I ordered a flow meter to install so I can fine tune the system run time after final installation. I also have videos of the Temporary Setup running if anyone is interested.

Thanks for any replies.


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May 3, 2014
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At the low flow rates you will be able to run at you can use either 1.5" or 2". Whatever makes it easier.


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Jun 2, 2009
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I had to do a fair amount of re-piping this year, and at least in my area the cost of PVC fittings had gone up significantly (guessing COVID associated). This made the 1.5" quite a bit cheaper to use than the 2". There also seemed to be a larger selection of 1.5" fittings available than in 2" (45° elbows, reducers, etc).
Not sure if that's a factor for you.
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