new pool liner has stains


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Jun 3, 2017
Yonkers, ny
I just replaced my liner in May, Now i just noticed there are stains on the deep end of the pool , on the wall. the stains are yellowish brownish. I have 2 stains. I check my water with the kit. and strips. my Ph was always 7.2. alkanity is 80, 4Fc, I put my Ph to 7.4 yesterday. The only issue i was having was checking the cya with the Taylor kit. cause My tube broke. I then checked the cya with the Strips. and it was coming up low. I have since added liquid stabilizer yesterday and will have to check later. My water is crystal clear. I also want to add I have rust stains on the the skimmer from last year. Skimmer is also fairly new. I am confused because I sometimes go to pool store and check my water or even have had pool service people come by and they always say pool is good. I make sure I brush the walls every week . thank you for your help
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Mar 24, 2014
Greenville, SC
If you suspect they are from leaves or other organic material leave a puck on them for 15 minutes and see if it lifts. If not, fill a sock with some vitamin-C tablets, smash it with a hammer and rest those on the stains for a little while. That will determine if they are metal.

A picture would be helpful as well.