New pool light versus repair

George Whitzel

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Jul 23, 2017
San jose, california
My pool light stop working and the voltages to it are goid. It is an older Jandy Colors large pool halogen colored pool light with 8 bulbs in it. I think the P/N or model no is CPHV. It is recommended that you replace all eight bulbs and the gasket when opening it for repair. The bulbs run around $60 dollars for a set of two and the replacement gasket is around $40 looking on line. The gasket is a replacement for the original which is obsolete. Does anyone have experience with this light. Can I only replace one or two of the lights or do I really need to replace all 8 which is expensive.

PS: the was one supplier on the web called Wild West Pool supplies which eere selling a set of 8 for $38.84 but since this price is so low compared to alll the other vendors I am very leary of ordering from them.


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May 28, 2011
No. CA
contactus page matches business address on bbb. googled the location, but the location looks like condos or apartments.

for $40 for 8 vs $60 for two, it might be worth the risk...