New Pool...learning a lot, but still so many questions!


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May 25, 2020
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Just had our pool installed and filled with water 7 days ago. Been a bit overwhelming having never owned a pool before but glad I came across this site. The sanitized water was trucked in but no information was provided on the chemical composition. As part of the the pool start up, we were given a Taylor K-1003 and instructions on how to measure Total Chlorine and Ph.

We have a salt water generator but cannot start it up for 28 days due to the Wet Edge plaster application to cure. The pool technician placed 3 chlorine tabs in the skimmers. The Wet Edge start up instructions says limit chlorine for first 7 days and then on day 7 bring chlorine to 1-3 ppm. Given tomorrow is day 7 what is the recommended way to add in chlorine? We have been testing every day and even with the chlorine tabs nothing has even registered on our testing kit and we have been adding in acid to keep the ph down to the 7.2-7.6 range.

After reading on this site I will look to purchase the Taylor K-2006 kit to cover the broader set of measurements. The pool company left a number of OMEGA Shock packages behind and I am assuming they will advise to apply those to bring up chlorine. Should I go ahead and start using these? Approximately how much should I use for a pool with 27k gallons?

Thanks in advance.


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Jun 8, 2019
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Welcome! When you get the kit make sure it’s the K-2006C. The C is important to get the right quantity of reagents. Or you could get a TFT-100 instead. I got the K-2006C and kind of wish I’d have gotten the TFT-100 instead.

See this article for our recommendations on a new plaster startup: Startup New Plaster Not sure what is in the powdered shock but we typically recommend liquid chlorine for chlorinating as it doesn’t add anything you don’t want in the water. :)