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Feb 6, 2021
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What a great site! I’ve already solved so many problems just searching and reading here.

I have a new fiberglass pool going in. We are finally getting to the concrete and I have some questions. I need a sanity check that I am not over reacting.

We are doing a two part pour with a contrasting coping color. They poured the coping today. I am certain they did not compact the base before doing the pour.

A few hours after they finished and left, a V shaped crack formed in the corner that goes around either side of the railing cups. (See attached, you may have to zoom in)

I know all concrete cracks eventually, but within hours? And should I be concerned that it’s on either side of my railing cups? I’m thinking of my rather large father in law with bad knees pulling on the railing and the wiggling that section loose.


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Jul 10, 2012
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Sorry there has not been a reply to your concern. I would be concerned as well. What I would do is put this concern in writing (email or text) with the pic attached to your PB.

I hope this bump will get more eyes on this.
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