New Pool initial set up and closing questions


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Sep 27, 2020
Louisville, KY
Hello All!
Our pool was installed last week, here in Kentucky. From the info I have gathered here, I am currently working to get my city water fill in perfect balance and then winterize.
Original numbers;
FC 0, PH 7.2, TA 70, CH 50
I added 95 oz. of 6% bleach per the Pool Math app
Recheck after running pump for 4 hours stats nearly identical.
I have removed my filtration cartridge and the aquasmarte plus mineral cartridges before running the pump and filtration system, in hopes of saving them until next year as I wasn’t sure if I could use them for a few days and then save them for next season... and they are pricey!
My questions are:
Are these test strips reliable until I can get a better testing kit?
Can I get this pool balanced and then winterized without using my filter cartridge and/or the mineral cartridges? Or should I use them and if so will I be able to save them for next season?

Thanks in Advance!
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Hello Kathy and welcome to TFP! :wave: For your questions:
- Test strips are horrible. You want a TF-100 or Taylor K-2006C. Even if you close, the kit will be good next season.
- New water has no stabilizer. You need CYA. Use our PoolMath APP to help you figure out ow much stabilizer is required to increase the CYA to 30.
- Do not reinstall the mineral cartridges. They will add metals to the water (i.e. copper) which will be a major problem later. Stick to regular bleach or liquid chlorine (same thing).
- See the link below to help you winterize and you should be find. Remember the golden rule ... close late and open early.

Hope that helps.

Adding CYA:
To increase CYA via granular stabilizer, place the required amount as calculated by the Poolmath calculator into a white sock and place in the poolside skimmer basket. For those concerned about suction flow to the pump, suspending the sock near a return jet or from a floating device will also suffice. Best never to allow undissolved granules to rest directly against the pool surface. Squeeze the sock periodically to help it dissipate. Once dissolved, consider your CYA adjusted to that programmed (target) level. CYA test readings should show a rise in 24-48 hours, however some pools may experience a longer delay to fully register. Best to confirm final CYA in about 5-7 days before adding any more stabilizer/conditioner.
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