New pool in Jacksonville. Looking for heater recommendation.


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Oct 12, 2021
Jacksonville, FL
Hey everyone,

New build here in Jacksonville that has been under construction since May :oops:. We have decided to add a pool heater, and the PB is recommending either the Heatwave SQ150vs or the SQ166r. PB suggests the SQ150VS if we plan to run the unit often, which I think we will mainly for the chill feature in the summer, but he did say that although the variable speed motor will be more efficient and may produce energy savings, the long run maintenance cost will likely be higher. On the other hand, the SQ166R will do the job, but will cost more to run.

Does anyone have any experience with either one, and which would you recommend? The pool will be approximately 15000 gallons.

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Oct 12, 2021
Jacksonville, FL
Here are my pool specs:

Roman style in ground 15' 2" x 33'
  • Depths 3’6’’x 5’6"
  • sun ledge, 6’’ water with 1 color vision bubbler led light 2 umbrella sleeves
  • 24” Raised Spa; 22’ perimeter; 84 square feet with natural stone facia
  • 5 jets, 1.5 hp blower, 400 k btu heater, 32’’ channel drain, led color light, 18’’Quartzite spillway
  • 2 - 36” Columns; 18” high with fire and water bowls (turn key) and natural stone facia
  • 6” Waterline Tile
  • Decking 922 sq ft travertine color TBD 6”x12” herringbone (includes existing lanai and walkway to fence
  • Travertine coping 6”x12’’ tumbled edge color
  • Pebble interior
  • Pentair Variable speed pump, 200 RP cartridge filter, Intellichlor IC-40 salt system, surge protector, screen logic app, easytouch 8 p/s, Auto fill/drain
  • 5 pool returns
  • 3 microbrite LED color pool lights
  • Venturi Skimmer
  • Dorado Suction Cleaner


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Jul 21, 2013
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I would get the SQ150VS.

I think the energy savings will be more significant then the extra 16K BTUs.