New pool in AZ


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Nov 13, 2019
Gilbert, AZ

Just had a new pool built and are about 4 weeks into start up, in Gilbert, AZ. Pool is about 20,000 gallons with intellicenter, intellichem, and intellichlor. Salt just got added yesterday and I'm monitoring chemistry using the intellicenter website and iOS app .

Saw the big intellicenter review thread by MyAZPool and thought it would be smart to sign up here!



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TFP Guide
Oct 25, 2015

Congrats on the new pool and welcome aboard! You may want to take a look through Pool School to the left if you haven't already done so. How do you plan to balance your pool chemistry? Many people end up here after trying to do it with pool store help or pool service that ends up with pool problems then lots of $ treating that doesn't work. So I strongly recommend you consider TFP methods outlined in Pool School. We use readily available generic chemicals available from big box stores for virtually all your maintenance needs. We also have an army of experts to help you learn as you go. They're also available for any problems you may have in the future for anything pool related. Oh and did I mention we don't sell anything so the advice is never conflicted!

If you decide to go with TFP please do get a test kit on order. Pool School gives you a couple of recommended test kits to choose from. You won't really be able to start 'till you have your kit. I hope you go with TFP methodology and if you decide not to go this route we'll always be here in the future if we can help in any way.

Hope to hear from you again soon with that first set of results!