New pool, Hayward SwimClear at 8 psi, water moving well. Is there a problem?

Hello all, I have a fairly new pool - November 2016. It's my first pool. < 14,000 gallons. It's a saltwater Leisure Pool. I have a Hayward SwimClear CS200 single cartridge filter system. With my original cartridge filter the pressure would run between 18 and 28. But that's the filter that had to deal with clearing out sand, dirt and lots of fine clay from construction, and adding enough stabilizer to get the value from zero to normal. I replaced the filter recently with a brand new Hayward original equipment filter. It has made a huge difference. The original filter looked dark gray/brown next to the new one. I can tell the water turnover is several times greater than before. My waterfall is flowing like I've never seen it. I replaced the filter 2 weeks ago and my pressure was 12 psi when I did. I figured that to be my "clean pressure." I decided to clean the filter and entire system today. I did not attempt to clean inside the pump or anything of that nature. I cleaned the filter, its housing, and the pump basket area. The filter did get noticeably whiter upon cleaning. The water in the housing was a little dirty and there was some sediment in there before I cleaned it out. I pulled the plugs to drain any sediment in other places. I primed it correctly, put it all back together and fired it up. My water is crystal clear and has been. My chemistry is good. My jets are flowing well, with no bubbles. My waterfall is running great. I can't see any leaks. No air in the pump basket, it's perfectly clear and clean. But after doing all I just stated, the pressure on my Hayward gauge is now 8. This is a 200 sq. ft. system on a pool less than 14,000 gallons. Could this be my real "clean pressure", or is this too low?

Additionally, small waterfall using the pool pump. I only have one pump, no secondary pumps.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Feb 6, 2015
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A couple things come to mind....
  1. Do you have a single speed, two speed or variable speed pump? If not a single speed, was the pump running at the same rpm for the new cartridge and after cleaning it when you took the pressure readings? Water feature on or off?
  2. The cartridge may have developed a hole/small tear in it somewhere.

Now for a bit of house cleaning... please update your signature with the model numbers of your filter heater and pump. Also, you presently show the filter as being sand, not cartridge. This will make it easier for you, as you won't need to type it again - and easier for anyone lending assistance as it will be displayed in your signature.

Thank you. Signature updated. Single speed pump, 1.65 HP Hayward. So no pump speed issue. Filter was shrunk wrap from the factory, sealed in original packaging (box). I don't believe it has a hole in it. Brand new, two weeks in use. But I guess anything is possible.


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May 14, 2015
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You mentioned that the filter looked whiter after you cleaned it. So my guess is that there was some residual dirt in the system when you first put the new filter in. The filter did it's job and now that you have cleaned it, you have your actual clean pressure.