New Pool, Grey Spots on plaster


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Feb 2, 2018
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I noticed there hasn't been any recent post regarding this issue but I too have the same issue and no one has been able to help me figure out what has gone wrong. I've tried everything. I've tried reaching out to the builder, being these spots just appeared 3 months after my diamond brite plaster pool was installed but he is MIA. Any info is much appreciated! What was the final outcome on why the stains appeared and were you able to get rid of them?
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Jan 17, 2012
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What would help us is pictures of the pool, the spots and a full chemistry panel from your own test kit. Also, please tell us all the chemicals you use and how you add them to the water. Thanks :)

(oh yeah... please go to <settings> and fill out a <signature line> with details about the pool, size, finish, features, equipment, how you sanitize and which test kit you're using. It helps us enormously when we try to help you. Thanks.)

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