New pool getting water balanced


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May 22, 2013
Phoenix Arizona
Getting salt adjusted to proper levels after start up. looking to get sat to 3600. Getting closer. Pool install/ startup guy came over and decided to dump more salt in my pool. I caught him in the nick of time. It shot up over 4000. It has started to come down a bit to like 3800. Im hoping in a week or so it settles down more. All my other level in adj stages. How important is CH? The only other pool Ive had was a above ground vinyl. And I did not pay much attention to the CH. If its critical what brand is recommended. I want to stay away from adding too many things to my pool. so far only thing in is CYA, Salt, Muratic acid.
Working on:
salt levels currently too high * waiting to see if comes down a bit more
PH level too high, Muratic acid to lower 7.2, then Aerating to raise 7.6
TA too high, Muratic acid to lower 7.2, then Aerating to raise 7.6
CH too low, raise with calcium chloride or calcium chloride dihydrate * not done yet, waiting for help on this

Temp 89
FC 4.0
CC 0
PH 8.2
TA 140
CH 100
CYA 80
Salt 3800
CSI -----

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This is still a new pool pool right? Is it less than 30 days old? If so, salt was not supposed to be added yet, but I guess that's on your builder. It's in now. But the SWG shouldn't be ran for 30 days. Definitely get the CH to at least the minimum required if that pebble is still curing (first 30 days) and control the pH as it will try to climb quickly. See the link below. Since you should treat the pool as a non-salt pool for the first 30 days, you're going to need to increase the FC as well. See the FC/CYA Chart to keep the FC balanced to the CYA for a non-salt pool since the SWG won't be producing FC.


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Woo - great. Okay, so then you have two things to watch for a while:
1. Increase the CH to at least 250 and control the pH and prevent it from going over 7.8-7.9.
2. Maintain the proper FC level for a slat pool as noted on the FC/CYA Chart to prevent algae.

Your TA is a bit elevated, and with a SWG (aeration), it may allow the pH to rise even faster. Each application of muriatic acid should slowly lower the TA, but if you need the TA lowered faster, follow the link below. Hope that helps.