New pool, first official test results...

So the pool has been up and filled for about 2 1/2 weeks and the deck is being built. From the wonderful information on this site, I've been raising the CYA and salt levels as well as keeping the FC in check...Going to start up the SWG in a few days, just waiting for the deck to be finished so I can run my electric.

FC= 8
CC= 0
pH= 7.2
TA= 80
CH= 100
CYA= 60 (picked up more tonight on the way to work, will put in tomorrow)
salt= 3000 (added about 30lbs this afternoon)

Big shout out to everyone on this site, you guys know your stuff. I was a bit worried as I haven't owned a pool in about 13 years, and I barely got by with pucks, shock and no real test kit...

Looking forward to a long happy summer here, Thanks.


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Dec 22, 2016
Arlington, Texas
Salt water calls for 70-90ppm
Howdy and welcome to the best pool site on the great interweb. You are correct about the higher cya recommendations for SWG. Being in Maryland, you probably want to shoot for 70 to begin with and see how that goes. So easy to add more, but dang pain to lower the number. Looks like you have a great grasp of the TFP way!