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Mar 6, 2021
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Hello everyone!

My wife and I decided it was time to take the plunge and have an in ground pool built. Well we are at the end of the build and it has been quite exciting for us. Our pool will be 14ft x 24ft x 3.5 - 6ft and is a gunite / plaster pool. The plaster crew should be here the middle of this week. After the pool is filled the builder will provide 4 weeks of water testing and balancing. After that we can continue to pay them to maintain the pool or do it ourselves. I'd like to do it myself... yes I'm that kind of person! Anyway I was speaking with my brother who has an above ground pool and he highly recommended this forum. I've been reading a few of the posts here and I feel confident I can maintain the pool myself.

My pool equipment is as follows:
Jandy Cartridge Filter
Zodiac Fusion in line chlorinator
Hayward TriStar VS 950 Filter Pump
Hayward MaxFlo XL Waterfall pump
I also will be receiving a robotic cleaner but don't remember the make / model

One question to begin with... Should I purchase the water test kit now or wait until after the builder has completed all of the start up procedures? I was looking into the TF-100 test kit.



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Jul 3, 2013
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Welcome to TFP :)

You have a friend indeed.. Go ahead and grab the TF100 now and be ready for when there is water... You can test your fill water and be ahead of the game when it comes time to fill.. Since you are about to get plaster I have a friend who loves giving tips and links.. Ohh @kimkats, would you be so kind to help :)


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Jul 10, 2012
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You rang??? Hi and welcome to TFP! You got here just in time! It is MUCH better if YOU do the plaster start up!! I have a link to share with you BUT you can also look up recommended start up for your brand of plaster.

I am also going to talk to you about something you have in your equipment list-the Zodiac Nature2 Inline Chlorinator :( This is not something you want to use on your pool..............say what????? Yeah that has metals in it that can cause trouble over time. Metals can build up over time then they can cause staining! It will not happen right away and I bet they told you how you how it will mean you will have to use less chlorine and how easy it is. I have a link to explain it better:

Get the test kit tomorrow so you can run tests on your water you are going to put in the pool when it is done.

SO here is THE set of links you are going to love!! It has all kinds of info. and it is a LOT of info so I am glad you are here now so you can start learning it:

Pool care links:
Print these out:
Pool School - Basic Pool Care Schedule
Pool School - Recommended Levels

Bookmark these:
Pool School - Recommended Pool Chemicals
Trouble Free Pool
Pool School - ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry

Most of these are for AFTER the start up is done.

Ask your PB what brush he will be giving you and if he will go ahead and give it to you now so you have it ready to go OR you can order a "whale tail brush" when you order our TF-100 test kit. Your shoulders and back will thank me!

So is your equipment in yet? Did they put a light by the equipment pad? You will want one by it if at all possible when you have to go out there on a dark and stormy night!

I hope I did not overload you. Take your time and ask LOTS of questions! We all started right where you are so understand the need for questions! :hug:

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Mar 6, 2021
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All of the equipment has been installed and plumbed in. I did order the TF-100 bundle with the whale tail brush. I'm allergic to pain and wish to keep my back in working order. I can see how that brush can help. I did notice that my pool builder left a 'X10 Water Filter'. I'm guessing they will use that to filter out any dissolved metals when the pool is initially filled. Would adding a metal sequestrant be overkill or good insurance?

When you say test my fill water I'm assuming that I should test my tap water as that will be the water used to fill the pool.
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