new pool, construction almost complete, cloudy water


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Mar 14, 2019
willis texas
please help. new pool owner here. pool is new. pool has been full for about 2 weeks, only the last full week has the pump been running. construction crew did not set equipment until after pool was full. pool has been vacuumed to remove construction debris, filter cleaned, only chemicals added so far was by the pb 4 bags salt, 3 or 4 shock, and that was done without any testing done. we tested later and have tested the following results so far, I can do more. just a little overwhelmed . ph 8.4. fc 10. ta 200 cya 00. tested today.
yesterday was cl 5 ppm. ph 8.2.. added 1.5 lb dry acid.
please advise me of what to do next.
happy mother's day and thanks


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
Be careful using dry acid. It is sodium bisulfate and the sulfates will build up in your water and destroy your SWCG. Most SWCG manufacturers specifically state in their documentation to NOT use dry acid. Use muriatic acid instead. Keep lowering your pH to 7.6 when it gets to 8 and your TA will fall.

Bring your CYA up. Add about 40 ppm worth via the sock method. Once that is dissolved from the sock test for it 24 hours later. Then add enough to get you to 70 ppm CYA total.