New Pool - Complete


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My family enjoyed our metal-frame pool so much last year that this year we decided to go with a more permanent set-up. Originally I was going to do the install myself but with spring, the grass started growing and the garden... so I took a trip down to the local pool store and they did a great job....for the most part.

Now for the pics...... (drum roll)

I marked off where I wanted it. You can see where the Wal-Mart pool was last year.

Install day finally arrived.

All level and everything layed out -- The uprights are the wrong size...48" and supposed to be 52".

This is how the day ended because it was a 40 mile drive back to the pool store to get the right uprights and it was getting windy.

Things went pretty quickly the next day.

Ready for the liner. Notice the center drain.

Liner going in.

Done and the water going in.

It took 26 hours to fill it from my well. The plumbing is all PVC and is run underground from my deck to the pool. I got the water balanced in about 3 days thanks to what I learned last year from the good folks here at TFP.

I took a sample of the water in to the pool store today to actually see if there was any metal and they said my water was "perfect, no metal". They asked if I had shocked it this week yet and I said "nope" as I thanked them and walked out the door.

And just yesterday, received my TF-100 test kit, so I'm ready for summer. Thanks TFP! :goodjob:


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Apr 22, 2007
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ssabin said:
I only see a single drain in your pics. Is that right? I believe that code is for dual drains seperated by a certain distance.

His center drain is connected to his skimmer, so I think that's acceptable with the code. From what I understand you can:
a.) Have two drains connected to the same suction pipe
b.) Have one drain connected to an air pipe (so when the drain is covered the pump sucks air)
c.) Have one drain connected the same pipe as the skimmer (so when the drain is covered water is being pulled from the skimmer)

The only problem I can is that he has a shutoff valve between the suction pipe and the skimmer. When closed, the only place for the water to come from is the center drain. This would not be compliant IMHO.



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Jan 24, 2008
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Nice pictures and I'm sure you will enjoy it more without the headaches in building it yourself.
Now you have to send pictures with wet people in the pool. lol

Iggy in the cool part of Arizona


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Thanks everyone, we are definitely enjoying the pool. Had some much needed rain this weekend so we didn't spend as much time in there as we thought but two of our grandkids spent the weekend and they got to swim on Saturday.

I'll get some more shots with people soon. Our Jack Russell Terrier loves it as well.
Jun 22, 2008
Jimbo said:
They asked if I had shocked it this week yet and I said "nope" as I thanked them and walked out the door.
:-D Great looking pool. Cool pics, hopefully my install will go as smoothly (except for the whole "40 mile trip back for the correct parts" thing !)