New Pool - choosing equipment in Melbourne, Australia


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Apr 21, 2017
Melbourne Australia
Hi, I am new to the form (first post) but have been reading a lot trying to skill up before we take the plunge with a new pool!

We have received a few quotes and have decided on a fibreglass 10.5m x 3.8m x avg 1.5m (60,000L) pool made by BarrierReef pools in Australia.

The pool builder seems to work with Hayward products and has put forward the following equipment:

Pump: Hayward Tristar SP321VS
Filter: Hayward Pro Series Sand Filter, 27 inch
SWG: Hayward Pure Silk PS25HD

We have chosen to use a sand filter over cartridge as the sewer line is close by for backwashing and sand seems to involve less maintenance.

The Hayward product range does not seem as comprehensive in Australia as in the US and I am concerned that the products we have here may be second-rate? Astral pool products seem quite popular in Australia so I am unsure if we should use Astral over Hayward?

From what I can tell this setup is OK but thought I would put it to the experts for your opinion!

Any help would be much appreciated.



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Jun 7, 2011
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Welcome to TFP Mate!

I don't know why the Hayward stuff you mention would be second rate. Are they not the same models as Stateside? Sorry I can't weigh in on the Astral products, we just don't (or I haven't) heard enough about them. We do have some Aussies milling around here though, so maybe they can weigh in.

I will second the Sand Filter and backwashing almost every time, so I cant fault you there. If not Sand, DE would be my second choice the same way every time. I get way too much dust to ever consider a cart. Good luck on your project, and do post it up in the UC forum when you get going. I promise you'll have plenty of fans cheering you on. Enjoy the forum.


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Jan 4, 2016
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I don't have enough experience to say for sure, but you could search on which has lots of pool threads.

I think your choices are fine, and from my limited experience I would personally not use Astral. You'll find recommendations on whirlpool for the puresilk chlorinator and that's an important piece of equipment. You'll hear people bag out Zodiac (Jandy), but in fairness they have the largest market share and therefore the highest warranty claims. Hayward is exxy, so your PB isn't afraid to include good kit.

The stateside guys might recognize the pump in USA models: TriStarâ„¢ VS | Hayward Pools Australia

For your 60,000 litre pool (16K gal) I would go bigger on the salt water chlorinator (aka SWG, SWC or SWCG). That model is 25 grams per hour (US 1.3 lbs per day), same size as pools I work with at 27,000 litres, 36,000 litres, and 43,000 litres. I would try the PB and see if he would go to the PS35 at 35 grams per day (US 1.9 lbs per day). You can always turn a SWC down, but they can't produce more than their spec. The economics on larger cells is better because you run them less, so they last longer. Your PBs incremental cost is probably small, and certainly smaller than if you up-sized it through a retailer. Here's the link on the SWG: PureSilk Salt/Chlorine Generators | Hayward Pools Australia

Welcome to TFP! Good to have you here :)