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May 11, 2010
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We started filling our pool on July 9th (about 12 days out). It will be SWG but we aren't running the SWG yet. The plaster (quartz) start-up instructions say "minimal chlorine for 10 days, then no shock for additional 10days." We are using the chlorine pucks in the 2 skimmers for now. I got my TF test kit last week, so I'm still definitely learning.

TC is minimal--2ppm with a CYA of 30-40. Is this adequate for now? I know my CYA should be higher with SWG but since the SWG isn't on, should I be following the non-SWG recommendations for now? I sure don't want a crop of algae to start.

Also, my TA is still high 140-180; the start-up instructions said get it down to 70. We've been adding muriatic acid to lower it, then letting the PH come back up by aerating some, and doing this cycle but the TA really doesn't seem to be moving. Should we be lowering the PH more and then keeping the waterfall or deck jets on more to make this process go quicker. What is the harm in the high TA?

Thanks so much for helping me understand. I keep reading the pool school info and waiting for the light bulb to come on!

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Welcome to TFP. Keep reading the light will click on bright one day soon. :)

You should keep the FC at the min for your CYA according to the chart. Since the SWCG isn't running don't use the SWG side of the chart yet.
You are brushing every day right?
The wider swings in the pH you allow to happen (within the recommended range) the faster the lowering of TA occurs. Don't obcess about though as you'll be adding plenty of acid to bring it down once the SWCG is running.
One thing that's happening is that by using trichlor it's helping keep the pH in check which is a good thing on a plaster startup.

Also don't add any salt for at least the first 30 days. Longer would be better.

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