New pool build. Will you look at equiptment?


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Mar 26, 2008
I am trying to finalize my list. Here is what I have decided on unless anyone see’s where I have left off something, or should have done differently. I would appreciate any and all comments! The one thing I am still unsure of is if I need a separate pump for my waterfall. I got the intelliflo as I was told it would do the pool, waterfall, and spa. I want to be able to run the waterfall and spa at the same time and I can’t really get a straight answer as to whether or not this is possible (and easy!) I don’t mind purchasing a separate pump if that would be better or easier; however don’t want to if it would be totally unnecessary or redundant. Thanks to all who look and comment.
My dig starts on Friday, so I will be posting pics and try my best to help others as I am asking for it myself.

Pool specs:
Sq Ft: approx. 785 (plus spa)
Perimeter feet: approx. 110 (plus spa)
Length: 20x40 freeform
Gallons: approx. 33,000 (plus spa)
Shape: Freeform
Depth: 3 ½' - 8'
Coping: flagstone
Spa: 8’ perimeter raised 12” (stacked stone w/ spill over pack into pool)
Water feature: 50 sq. ft. waterfall boulder type
Plaster: Grey (or perhaps a pebble tec, something more natural or lagoon looking)
Pipe: 2” PVC plumbing
Auto fill/over flow
Deck: 1000 ft. undecided probably colored concrete
Skimmers: 2
Returns: 6
Drains: 2 in pool and 2 in spa
Hydro static relief valve



Heater: Pentair Mastertemp 400,000 BTU GAS POOL HEATER 460736

Filter: Pentair Triton II TR100 filter (30”)

Cleaner:polaris 280 w/ ¾ HP booster pump

Lights: 3 Hayward Colorlogics in pool, 1 in spa

Spa Jets: 6 waterway power jets

Deck Jets: Jandy (4)

Control system: Don’t know???

Blower for spa?? Do I need this?


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Apr 1, 2007
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For a small increase in the total cost (percentage wise) I would consider the TR-140 filter. Your system psi will be lower and you can push more water thru the sytem more easily when it becomes necessary.


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May 3, 2007
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I would not suggest using a single pump for your setup . It is unlikely that the Intelliflo would have enough flow rate to run everything at the same time. Besides, you want the ability to run the spa separately for heat so you really can't run the spa with the waterfall together. Otherwise, you will lose all the heat out of the spa.

Also, depending on the type of waterfall you have, you may not even be able to run the waterfall with the pool. Waterfalls typically require a lot of flow and so are best plumbed separate from the filter, heater and rest of the pad equipment. I would also suggest 3" suction and return pipe to get the flow and action from the waterfall. Waterfalls work best in high flow, low pressure, low head loss plumbing.

For the spa, you might want to consider at least 2 1/2" plumbing (or multiple 2" pipes) on the suction and jets to minimize the head loss and maximize flow rates.

For the pool, I would suggest using separate parallel runs on the suction side for each skimmer and pair of main drains. I would also go with parallel runs on the return side for each pair of pool returns. Since you have an 8' deep end, it is nice to have at least one return in the deep end which is deeper than the rest.

As for the blower, if your jet vent will be more than 15' from the spa, you may want to consider it. You can always add one later assuming that the vent pipe goes all the way to the pad. Blowers are mainly for long air vents (or small vent pipe) to help with the air flow.


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Mar 22, 2008
Everything sounds great, however, i agree you should get a seperate pump for the waterfall and go with the larger filter. Also, look into the polaris 360- its a great unit. As to the blower- it depends on what you want out of your spa. If you want more of a "hot tub" feel with ALOT of bubbles then go with the blower. Blowers are more for appearance because they dont increase the pressure of the spa returns- they just add air. But like the previous poster said if your air line is longer than 15' you need a blower- unless you dont want any bubbles.


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Apr 5, 2008
I'm not as knowledgeable as most around here, but everything I've read suggests that you are going to want at least two pumps for the spa and pump. In that case, and because you already have Pentair, you might want to look at the EasyTouch or Intellitouch controls.


The OTHER reason you might want a blower is if you have bubblers installed in the spa seats.


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Mar 26, 2008
Bubblers in the spa seats?? HUMMMMMM. sounds interesting!

Never thought about that. Sounds lovely! LOL. Thank you to all who have commented on this. I am rethinking due to the comments, and trying to decide on which seperate pump. Maybe a 2HP whisperflo as that is a high flow pump??? Don't really know if I need 1 or 2 HP. I see pentair also has what they call waterfall pumps that are very high flow. So maybe one of these? Want to stay in the Pentair family so can link it all up.


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May 3, 2007
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A word of caution about waterfall pumps. They only deliver that type of flow with very low head loss meaning you must use hugh pipes (e.g. 3"+).

Otherwise you are better off with a high head pump like the Whisperflo. I would suggest something 2 1/2 HP or above. I would still go with 3" plumbing though.

How big is your waterfall, height and width?


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Jan 26, 2008
Forney, TX
For what it's worth we have an 11' long x 3' tall waterfall and a separate grotto. The waterfall was plumbed with 3 x 1-1/2" lines and the grotto with 1 x 2" line. There's also a bubbler on a baja shelf. It all runs off an Intelliflo (our main pump) that is set to max speed for running the features. It works fine, but we don't have a spa and if we did there's no way it would run that and the features at the same time. It's maxed out as it is. In fact we have a slide and due to the height of it (8') the waterfall has to be turned off to run the slide (grotto stays on). It's all automated, so it's easy to control it from the remote.