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May 13, 2021
San Diego
Hello all,

Thank you in advance. We have basically narrowed down to two different pool builders. One seems to subcontract out a lot of the stages and the other seems to manage more in-house work. Our pool would be ~18x36 with an infinity edge on the 36' length going into a trough. Spa size will be 8'x8' for water's edge. On the opposite side, we would have a baja shelf the full 18' width with about a 7' wide shelf. Our heater would be the Pentair 400k unit, Pump is Pentair IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pool Pump, Filter is 100 SQ Ft Quad Filter, Automation is Intellicenter, SWG is IC40. Additionally, we would have autofill, some type of pebble finish, the Rebel for the cleaner. We will also be doing an integrated automatic pool cover both for warmth and safety. For lighting, we are thinking either 7 globrites or 7 microbrites. Unsure of reliability of both, seems mixed for both. I would like a bright pool. Additionally, we are considering having 3 bubblers on the baja shelf (illuminated or regular). We are also considering deck jets / and or a telescoping spa fountain but aren't tied to them either. One PB is offering Intellichem I believe but I have not read great things about it.

Would love to hear people's thoughts on the above. Much appreciated.

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Jul 19, 2021
Southern California
This pool has a lot of the features you are listing. 20’ X 40’ Spa 12’ X 6’ 7’ X 40’ reef step at 8” of water, no infinity edge.
Equipment is similar. Filter bypass and heater bypass depending on mode. 7 lights on the reef step and 4 in the pool. 5 Floor bubbler’s, 4 deck jets.


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