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Feb 6, 2017
Hi all, would welcome some feedback on bid we received for our potential pool project here in bellaire, tx.
We're unsure about the synthetic turf at 23k, so realistically pool/landscaping/fence repairs @ 75k.
Access to backyard is restricted so it will be 'hand dug' with tool rather than digger.
We may also change the depth to 6'5" and builder said would not change cost.


• Surface Area: 442 Square Feet
• Perimeter: 94 Linear Feet
• Water Depths: 3’-6" x 5’-0”
• Total Pool Water Capacity: 14,000 Gallons
• Pool Interior Dimensions: 13’-0” x 34’-0”
• Permits: City of Bellaire Permits
• Water Feature: (3) Bubblers powered by Filter Pump


• Filter: Pentair Clean & Clear Cartridge Filter w/Drain Connection to P-Trap
• Filter Pump: Pentair Variable Speed “Intelliflo”
• Control Valves: (3) 2" Jandy 3-Way Posi Seal, Never Lube
• Surface Skimmer: (1) Sta-Rite Skimmer
• Pool Lighting: (2) 12v White LED Lights with Transformer
• Pool Drains: (2) Hayward 8" Cycolac w/Anti-Hydro Drain Covers
• Sanitization: “Bioshield” UV System & Rainbow 320 Chlorinator
• Pool Cleaner: Polaris 280 with 3⁄4 H.P. Booster Pump
• Pool Return Inlets: (5) Directional Fittings
• Pool Controls: Pentair “EZ Touch” with Wireless Remote


• Perimeter Beam: (5) #4 Rebars Continuous, 12” x 12” Minimum Size
• Walls: #4 Rebars 10" O.C.E.W., 6" Minimum Thickness
• Floors: #4 Rebars 10" O.C.E.W., 9" Minimum Thickness
• Gunite: 4,000 PSI
• Over dig Pool & install 6” Bed of compacted Sand
• (12) 12/36 Piers drilled to Gray Stable ClayS
• Steps, Benches, Seats: (Per Plan)


• All Pool Plumbing to be Sch. 40 Piping & Pressure Tested upon Mechanical Equipment
• Fill Line: Manual Valve connected to the Nearest Faucet
• Installation of 4” SDR 35 Storm Drainage System with Openings around Pool below Synthetic
Turf connected to Existing Trunk Line to Street
• Overflow Line: 2” line to be connected into Storm Drainage System.


All Electrical is to be performed by our Licensed Master Electrician including in-ground service
with all terminations, grounding, bonding, & mechanical installation. All electrical work shall
meet local and national standards and include the installation of ground fault circuit interrupters.
All lighting and mechanical equipment is bonded, grounded & inspected for safety. POOL BUILDER to provide adequate Electrical Service at Pool Mechanical Location.


• Water Line Tile to be 6” Band of 3/8” Thick Travertine or Quartzite with $ 5.00 per S.F. Material
Allow. (Tile & Coping to be Flush for “Zero Overhang” Detail.)
• Coping to be 16” Wide 3/8” Thick Travertine or Quartzite with $ 5.00 per S.F. Material
• Pool Interior Finish to be “Diamond Brite” or Equivalent


• Telescopic Pole, Vacuum Hose/Head, Brush, Leaf Net, Test Kit & Thermometer are provided by
• Pool will be maintained by POOL BUILDER for a period of 21 days from date of filling with water.


• Removal of Ex. Turf & Slope Grade to New Drain Openings
• Installation of Edging to along West Edge of Turf
• Installation of 3” to 4” of Compacted Limestone Gravel Base for Turf Prep.
• Installation of 2,030 S.F. of Synthetic Turf with Anti-Microbial Sand In-fill
• Re-construct Gate/Fence on South Side of House at Point of Tractor Access
• Installation of compacted Granite Gravel along Side Yards to Existing Condition
• Repair/Modify Existing Irrigation System in Backyard to Fit New Design
• Installation of Evergreen Shrubs along East Face of House. Plant Material to be approved by
Homeowner prior to installation.


• Utility Re-routes, Unknown Underground Conditions, Tree/Stump Removal, Tree Credits, 2nd Gas
Meter, Pool Chiller, Pool Heater, Auxiliary Pump, Landscape Lighting, Pebble Plaster, Screen Logic
Controls, Mosquito System, Covered Porch/Steps, Decking, Pottery & Driveway Work are not part of
this Contract
• Any Work or Task performed per Client’s Request, outside of the Scope listed in this Agreement, is
subject to Additional Costs.
• POOL BUILDER is not responsible for Repairs, Fines, or Fees associated with damage to
Underground Lines.
• Heater quotation requires 2nd Gas Meter or Pool Mechanical located on North Side of House.


• Permits, Fencing Repairs & Clean Ups $ 4,760.00
• Swimming Pool w/ Bubblers $ 55,240.00
• Sub Structure w/ 6” Sand Bed $ 8,380.00
• Storm Drainage $ 2,800.00
• Synthetic Turf $ 22,390.00
• Landscape & Irrigation $ 5,530.00



• 400,000 BTU Pool Heater $ 4,515.00
• 2.0 H.P. Auxiliary Pump for Bubblers $ 1,750.00
• Pool Chiller $ 6,530.00
• “Pebble Sheen” Plaster $ 4,640.00
• Screen Logic (iPhone Controls) $ 820.00


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
Go Deeper! Shallow water in Texas will feel awfully swampy in the deepest part of summer.

Lose the UV thingamabob- it's a waste of money. You get plenty of UV light from that big yellow thing in the sky.

Consider going to a Salt Water Generator (SWG) over the puck chlorinator. Pucks add too much CYA (stabilizer) or calcium and eventually require you to drain/refill to get the water balanced again. Or use the simpliest liquid chlorine available- Household bleach! Daily additions of bleach is ideal chemically, just not as convenient as a SWG.

For that size of a pool a robot will work great. Lose the Polaris and get a robot.

My two cents-

Yippee :flower:


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Jan 4, 2016
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+1 to Yippee!!

I wish we had two skimmers cause the wind shifts around near the house. Would have been so cheap to add at the start :) A single is simpler in many ways, but I wish I had two with a 3-way valve at the pad. Definitely grab the extra depth.

I was intrigued by zero overhang. Is that a new style? It would look nice, but isn't the overhang there to help keep the water in when the water gets churned up? I'm really interested to hear more about it. Maybe 3/8" thick coping can't handle the waves? I was surprised by that thickness. Our limestone coping is 1.2" thick. Don't do anything unless an expert chips in, cause I am farrr from an expert on coping thickness!!!

One plumbing spec says sch 40 pipe; I would add the words 'all 2" pipe'


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Apr 19, 2013
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Add me to the lose the ozone and rainbow crowd. I'd also go with a robot

But what you need is to have the plans signed of by a structural engineer. If he is installing piers and compacting sand you need a structural sign off.

Call pool engineering in Anaheim CA and find out the cost it will prevent problems


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Aug 10, 2012
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3-1/2' is too shallow, if we had it to do again ours would be 4x5x4. We love our play pool, lots of room to spread out. It is hot in the summer and we run our solar at night to cool the pool. You can also cool it with a chiller, a small heat pump or a homemade fountain that shoots water in the air as seen in Yippee's signature.

100% on getting a robot. I love my Doheny's Discovery which is the same as Maytronics S200.

Two skimmers is good advice, our spring winds are from the south and fall winds are from the north.


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Jun 21, 2016
Regarding the options, if you are interested in a chiller, you might consider opting for a combination heat pump / chiller such as this one by Ray Pac, which appears to be more economical than the gas heater + chiller quoted above (unless that is a typo and they meant a combo unit):

Raypak Standard 110K BTU Heat Pump W/ Chiller - 013309 -

We have Pentair equipment with their D.E. Filter and are very happy with it so far. The water is crystal clear.

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