New pool build on sloped yard


Jan 9, 2020
Frederick, MD
We're doing a part DIY pool! Our 18x36 vinyl pool kit has been ordered from Pool Warehouse, we need to figure out placement of pool before getting a permit from the county. We're located in Frederick, MD, we have clay soil.

We have an experienced pool builder who is going to guide us for some parts of the build, he mentioned that he'd recommend putting the vinyl pool right next to the deck as there is minimal sloping (18" or so) in that area, we would have to move the existing hot tub somewhere else. Our original idea was to put the pool in front of the hot tub that way we would have a clear shot view from inside of the house (making lunch, dinner etc while our kids swim) and we wouldn't have to move the hot tub, however there is some more slope (30" over 18' span for the pool in that area).

We'd very much rather the latter, the guy from Pool Warehouse didn't see any issue with the slope. I attached pictures of our backyard and drawings (not perfect yet). Any thoughts?


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Jul 21, 2013
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I would think it is just a matter of how much dirt you want to move to level the area around the pool. Downslope you backfill with gravel, then level using the dirt from the pool dig, and maybe build a retaining wall.

@jimmythegreek @Rich D thoights?


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Jul 16, 2012
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Welcome to TFP FMD! Here's another build on a slope for your reference - and in the region. Our pool is well away from the house which we enjoy. See link in my signature. I'm in CC and can see Catoctin Mountain from my office.

I'd focus mostly on the overall usability of the whole area. Consider how the different locations will affect yard usage during the 6 months that the pool is locked down and not as attractive. And of course how the locations affect day-to-day usage in season - including anything else you'd like to do to your property for the time you will live there. You only get one chance to place the pool and it affects everything else going forward - so your questioning now is a great idea.

Is your pump a single speed or 2-speed? No pools should be build any longer with single-speed pumps - to energy inefficient. A variable speed pump is an option but not required/necessary for your setup. I do now have a VSP but the BGE rebate made a big difference. And Potomac Edison also offers this. A contractor is not required to install it. PE's does not say that MD sales tax has to be paid (that I saw). BGE's required it. I purchased it online and didn't pay sales tax. So I submitted a Use Tax return and remitted payment (which everyone does for everything right?) This was accepted.

Here's one pic showing the slope and a second showing the placement.



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Jan 17, 2012
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My slope was pretty significant in our back yard (along with a mess of trees and brush) so much so it was wasted space to us. Now that I know pools more we could have put a large above ground pool in and attached it to the deck so it appeared almost like an "inground" pool.
Our build thread is in my signature line. Take a gander. I'll add this additional pic to show you how steep our slope is as this pic was taken at the bottom area of our slope (the one flat area!)
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