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Apr 16, 2017
Alta Loma/CA
Hello all!
2nd time pool builder, first build. Currently in the middle of a build. In-ground, pool/spa. 37' x 17'. No equipment yet, we just had our coping poured a couple of weeks ago. My issues started there... The night after they poured, I was pretty sure they did a poor, quick job. The lines they cut for joists are crooked (not all, but very inconsistent). Looking down the side of the pool, the lines are "wavy". Around the spa, the size of the coping "rectangles" if you will are not consistent. The spillway is not centered under the coping joists either making it very displeasing to the eye. We also had then pour stairs that lead up to an up older level that our pool is below and those are very wavy. We payed a level across each stair and there are clear gaps along the bottom of the level and the stair. Every one. It's almost comical. We also already have cracks in the coping. Some across corners, some all the way up the middle, completely ignoring the expansion joists that apparently did nothing. I brought up my concerns before but was basically dismissed as being over-critical. Now that he project has slowly been moving along, every time I look out back I see all the issues more and more. I emailed my designer tonight and said the project needs to stop until the issues are dealt with and asked for the owner of the company to be there in person. I


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Jul 10, 2012
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The only thing you can do is work with the PB's company and document everything. Get it all in writing and with pictures.

Kim (cheering for this one)


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Jul 7, 2014
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Welcome to TFP... A Great resource for all pool building disappoints... :drown:

We would be glad to tell you if we think you are being over-critical or if your concerns are valid. To do that, we need you to provide us with a few pictures of your problem area.

Close up pics won't help, we need to get the sense of the scene.


Jim R.