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Nov 18, 2020
Los Angeles, CA
Hello, we recently pulled the trigger and signed a contract with a pool builder for a new pool!

In 2019, we met with a couple different contractors, but we weren't falling in love with the designs, so spring 2020, we hired a company specifically to design something for us, based on their past projects. In nicer words, our project was too "small" $ for them to build, so we shopped our plans. Now that we have chosen a contractor and signed, it turns out we have expensive taste. We are turning it into a larger project as well, i.e., new driveway, outdoor bbq area, fire pit and seating, etc. etc. Photos below!

Generally wanted to know people's thoughts or red flags. (Should have done this before we signed, but oh well..). The designer created the plans on their end, and the contractor is now taking over and has submitted for permits. Should have near the end of the month allegedly.

Its also of note that my husband did the majority of the correspondence with the contractor, so some specifics I had were not necessarily called out on here but I am under the impression that they are adjustable items. As far as plaster/pebble, I want something smooth, but it says pebble - does it come in smooth? I haven't done the research yet but plan to, or I want saltwater, PB doesn't recommend it but says it can be added later (is this true?), husband said PB recommends ozone or something...isn't that something entirely different? Again, more research on my part is needed.

Contemporary Radius Pool & Hydro Spa Combo:

-pool /spa/excavation by Bobcat
-not to exceed 6’ finished depth (after gunite)
-forming as required for pool, spa
-grading as required, final hand trimming for skimmer, drains and returns as required
-soil exported to approved site
-set forms per existing elevation
-grass removal included/any tree removal by others
-demo concrete required for new design plans/including sections at driveway/haul debris

B-Rebar Reinforcing:
-per “standard” engineering plans provided
-#3/#4 rebar per freestanding design
-pool/spa /bond beam, walls & floor
-skimmer cage per plans

C-Plumbing & Electrical:
-dual drains per code in pool and spa (VGB compliant)
-dual port skimmer per code and vac port
-returns in pool per plumber layout
-suction lines 2-2.5” sch. 40 PVC, returns 2-2.5” down to 1” into pool, spa returns 2-2.5” to 1” with manifold, air lines, venturi, all check valves, all 2 & 3 way valves as required (PLUMBER TO DECIDE EXACT PIPE SIZING BASED ON HYDRAULICS)-city may require hydrostatic valve, $300 addendum max if required
-runs for PVC and electrical lines as required from spa, pool to the equipment area shown on approved plans
-main 1.5”-2” gas line/gas line to bbq bar and firepit
-conduit from house panel to sub panel (saw cut if required)
-spa per plans with up to 8 adjustable jets,/dual drains for main suction & heat suction (VGB compliant)
-Auto fill line
-50 amp runs from owner supplied power source (house panel)
-sub panel as required included
-run to J boxes for lighting (LED mini/3 x pool, 1 x spa, color LED)
-run to pumps in 220v, all breakers as required
-connect all equipment per code and manufacturer’s specs.
-Low volt lines for heater ignition
-GFCI’s as required on all circuits
-bonding per code

-psi per engineering /gunite per structural design & notes (deputy inspector by addendum as required $500-$700 max) -pool, spa dam walls, monolithic/pneumatic installation
-spa dam wall with spillway (level to pool)
-multi-level custom benches and “Baja” entry step/ per final plans
-owner designed & approved steps per conceptual plan
-rebound removed as required/hauling included
-bond beams per plans & code

E-Coping, Decking, Woodwork, Drains, Tile Work:
-poured in place coping /cantilever /in any color from our samples, top-cast acid finished/eased edge forms, saw cut for expansion, #3 rebar and slip joint as required -sleeve for all planters for irrigation, lighting and drainage
-decking to match coping (in lieu of pavers, tile or trex/wood) in any color from our samples, top-cast acid finished/eased edge forms, saw cut for expansion, #3 rebar -3” drains in decking and perimeter as required/connect to trunk lines/if existing, if not Derian to install/stainless heads in deck
-4 pergola footings (up to 2’ x 3’ with rebar and 3000 psi pour)
-final elevation of decks and steps per owner approval at site layout
-fire pit per final design plans/stucco over fire block, no tile/gas line/fire ring/manual key valve/lava rock interior (glass rock by addendum) -equipment wall per plans, cmu block, rebar, stucco finish (smooth)/6’ entry wall per plans with “wood like tile” ($7 psf allowance on tile) -side property wall in smooth stucco over cmu block, #3 rebar, footing per engineer/wood details in IPE per final plans
-fountain wall per plans, electrical for pump (pump and sphere by owner or TBD, not included)/walls to be stucco finish, tile by addendum -bench seats per final plans, cmu block, rebar, smooth stucco finish-no tile
-float pool waterlines to level and plumb with mortar base
-adhere tile to mortar base with fortified Thinset
-6” tiled waterline ($10 psf allowance at our cost)/if supplied by owner premium may apply for cutting, sealing or unusual adhesion
-tiled waterline in pool, spa, dam walls at spa
-tile skimmer box as required
-custom grout color per samples
-new driveway in any color from our samples, top-cast acid finished/#3 rebar, 3000 psi pour, natural gray (from samples)/compact soil/5” pour/turf strips (turf by addendum, phase 2)/omit aggregate
-pour base under turf areas as shown in design plans (included) with gas line stub and valve (in collar and lid)

F- BBQ Bar/Outdoor Kitchen:
-raised service bar/grill area/(per final plans), rebar and cmu block per code/footings/gas line and valves/hook-up owner supplied BBQ and equipment/refrigerator enclosure if desired/poured counters to match pool coping or tiled ($10 psf allowanced on tile)/sealed/3 GFI access plugs/storage door by owner in stainless (wood door by addendum)NOTE; provide Key footing at BBQ bar due to possible settling issues/masonry team to evaluate best sub structural design to mitigate cracking

G-Future ADU/pool house-stub outs only:
-stub for gas lines with valve, water, drains, GFI plugs
*Excludes sewers

H-Pebble Interior:
-Mini Pebble interior /Pebblesheen
-in any color from our samples
-fittings in white, tan, gray or black

i-Equipment :
-Jandy, (Pentair or Purex equivalent if desired) equipment with warranty on system (per manufacturer)
-1x dual speed/variable circ. pump .5 hp to 2hp #VSP flo-pro TM energy efficient unit
-1x filter Jandy CL580 cartridge system complete with valves
-1x 400K btu heater with dual thermostats
-1x Polaris QT TM spa blower (or Venturi-Owner choice)
+Jandy RS full remote system with valves, actuators, relays, I-link, pda, sub panel (install and equipment)-INCLUDED(added $3900 to total)

Front work: INCLUDED
-20” tall deco walls in front yard, smooth plaster, painted (tile or wood details by addendum, no details on plans)

Screen Shot 2021-01-10 at 11.55.05 PM.pngScreen Shot 2021-01-10 at 11.57.02 PM.pngScreen Shot 2021-01-11 at 12.14.41 AM.png
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Sep 3, 2018
Gilbert, AZ
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I've never seen a round pool before. Very cool. Yes, you can add a SWG later. As for pebble being smooth, that is very subjective. To me it isn't. People try to tell me how smooth theirs is and I never think it is. There are other options though. You could go with a plaster or quartz which are less expensive than pebble. Or you could get something like Wet Edge's Primera Stone which is a pebble that's polished smooth. It is quite a bit more expensive. NPT has their own version and I'm sure other companies do too. There's lots of info on here. Enjoy your journey.


Nov 18, 2020
Los Angeles, CA
We got the inspiration from a hotel in Australia, the Bower Byron Bay, but wanted a spa also, so that will be inset so that we still have a circle. After a couple designs this is what we came up with and can’t wait for the project really to get started. However, we are still in the middle about almost everything color related! Dark or light pool, tile color, wood type, too many options!

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Sep 3, 2018
Gilbert, AZ
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I think a pool like that needs white everything. Black would work too but it makes things hotter.


Nov 18, 2020
Los Angeles, CA
The thought with the dark bottom pool is that I know I like I warm pool, also like the moody aspect of it. Being in Southern California we don't have too many risks of snakes taking a dip, maybe just a fallen mouse! We do have an almost 1 year old, so that makes me cautious about not being able to see her and we need to do some type of gate obviously. Swimming lessons have already started at grandma and grandpas house, but we are planning on getting real lessons as soon as the pool is in!


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May 12, 2020
I think a dark bottom would look amazing! I am biased since I went with light travertine coping and matching waterline tile with a dark bottom pool. We get a TON of compliments on our pool, especially the dark bottom.


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Jun 30, 2020
Southern California
Also here in Southern California - finalizing our plan and contract with the contractor now, but we are also planning on going with a dark mini pebble. The deck will be lots of light/white pavers/concrete (with some wood decking) so we feel the dark pool will create a really nice contrast. Looking forward to how this will turn out!
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