New pool build in DFW area


May 2, 2017
Weatherford, Texas
I've enjoyed looking at all of the new pool builds so I thought I would share mine that was just completed a few weeks ago. I made a complete time lapse video of the build from start to finish that you can see here
Now time for landscaping. Anyone have input on palms here in the DFW area that are best suited for this area?



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Apr 7, 2015
Houston, Texas
Welcome to TFP! :wave: Thanks for the cool time lapse video! I really enjoyed it - good music, too! I think the decking was my favorite - looked like they were rolling out carpet. Lol!!! Who were the 'consultants'? The occasional young one must have been giving the youth perspective (which is usually expensive!)

As for landscaping, I don't know a thing about palms. I'm sure there will be others along soon who can help. You can do a search on tfp at the top of this page or use Google. Be sure to add the landscaping to your time lapse video!

Good looking pool!! I look forward to seeing how you landscape those wide open spaces!


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Apr 7, 2015
Houston, Texas
Hey Crawfish, here are a few links with palm information (along with other plant suggestions) from members near and around your area.

This one also includes a couple of good tips on fertilizer for palms.
Windmill or Florida Sabal Palm for Dallas

This link mentions other DFW area plants that work.
North Texas plant suggestions

Some good photos of plants (some not so great). I like how the guy did his drip irrigation to his potted plants.
North Texas landscaping ideas needed

A link for a palm chart from an old thread for palms in and around Dallas.

There are more links when you search on TFP, but maybe these will get you started.

Be sure to check plants and palms for toxicity. Some can be harmful for pets and kids.

Have fun shopping for palms!!


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Jan 19, 2013
The Colon(y), Tx
Hey Crawfish, I'm over in The Colony (by Plano) we have two large palms (Not sure the type) that have drippers under my deck to keep them hydrated. We cover the trunks in fabric during the winter, but so far they're hardy. They do drop stuff in my pool, and need annual cleanup (trim dead fronds, knock off seed growths, etc) but they're pretty easy and so nice to hear in the wind.

See the pic, you can see how much dead I have to cut off, now that spring is here. But about an hour or two a year ain't bad.

Great lookin setup! Learn the TFP method and you'll be a happy camper (as shown in my pic on the fence :D)


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Mar 19, 2016
Granbury, Tx
I'm pretty sure the palms in the picture are very mature windmill palms. Hard to tell in the picture. Windmill palms are your best bet. They are slow growers. But can withstand temps down to almost 0 without being wrapped. Do not buy Mexican fan palms unless you plan on wrapping them up really good for the winter. And you don't mind a bunch of die off. We planted a Mediterranean palm about a month ago. They are supposed to be cold hearty too. Regardless of what a nursery may tell you, Mexican fans are not cold hearty.

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