New pool build, how long to wait to install pavers? Long Island, NY

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I’ve been reading older posts regarding this question. And I wanted to know what the outcome of this post was? Waiting on backfill settling...
I’m wondering if anyone on Long Island has had their vinyl pool installed and then installed blue stone pavers immediately afterwards? As the poster wrote in the link above, many pool builders on Long Island do not see this as an issue. I am supposed to start my pool build in late October, but may get pushed to March next year. I am worried about not allowing the ground to settle before installing the pavers.
Has anyone on this forum done this on Long Island? Any issues? I’m on the North Fork, good dark soil, not as sandy as on the south fork. There is a farm behind me and some marsh about 3 houses down the road. Thanks!


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Jun 16, 2019
I was told the only way to garauntee no settling here without waiting was to install many footers down to undisturbed ground, basically making your patio a bridge that would stand on its own and when there is settling it doesn't matter. Most people did not want the added expense. There was a specific word that they called the footers too..... solarium tubes... something like that but it was a just fancy word for footers.

I called 3 patio people. All friends of friends. 2 refused to touch it for a full year and the 3rd said he would come back and fix it if it settled. Normally I would worry about someone honoring their word like that but he was good friends with a good friend so I took his word. Half of my patio settled (up to 6 inches) and they came back and spent a weekend fixing it.

Another tip, the backfiller won't care about your patio, only his job. Stay on top of them so that any big chunks of grass stay out of the hole. Let them cart those away. However big the chunk is, is how big of a void it will leave when it breaks down, and grass doesn't take long at all. Keep in mind they will be ripping up the lawn with a backhoe/bobcat so some of those chunks will look like half a pallet of sod at Home Depot.
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