New Pool Build: Hayward Or Brilliant Wonder Lights with Hayward automation?


Oct 13, 2020
Hey everyone,

We are in the process of a new concrete pool build. We are planning on installing Hayward automation, but CMP water falls and Laminars. Given that I'm already going with CMP for the water features, I'm wondering if I should use CMP Brilliant Wonder for the pool lights, or if we should stick with Hayward's LED lighting options.

From what I've anecdotally seen on TFP, the Hayward lights seem to be more expensive and burn faster than the CMP lights. But I'm wondering if there are limitations of the CMP lights in terms of functionality that can be supported by the Hayward automation? For example, can I still do light shows or select exact colors of the lights, or is that functionality only available with Hayward lights?



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Most automation systems can at least do basic control of most any light system. The color changes are just done by the on and off switching of a relay. The named light shows may not be perfect, but you can normally page through them.

Call CMP and ask.
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