New Pool Build - Greenfield, Indiana - heater and pump questions


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Aug 7, 2019
Greenfield, Indiana
In the process of finalizing the details for a new installation in Greenfield, Indiana. It will be an 18x36 in-ground pool with 8 foot deep end. The pool with have a vinyl liner and an auto cover on it. I am going to go with a salt water generator system. I will not have any water features like fountains or slides. I am trying to decide between single speed and variable speed pump ($400 price difference) and gas heater or electric heat pump ($3,200 for 119,000 BTU heat pump, $3,600 for 140,000 BTU heat pump or $1,900 for 266,000 BTU gas heater). I am completely new to the world of pools. Have been trying to research everything an am leaning towards the VS pump and electric heat pump but wanted to get some recommendations. Thanks in advance for any information.


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May 3, 2014
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With your situation, a two speed pump would work well. May save a few dollars over the VS. You do not say the volume of your pool but be sure your SWCG is sized for at least 2X your pool volume. A single speed pump will be an energy hog and noisy, so your choice on that.

Heating is a 'how will you use it' question. If you will use your pool daily or at least several times per week in the shoulder seasons, then a heat pump is good. If you might use it a weekend or two in the shoulder seasons, then the gas heater is good. Heat pumps keep the pool warm but take for ever to warm up a pool. A gas heater warms up a pool quickly but cost a lot to keep a pool warm.