New Pool Build - Cartridge filter (rather than sand) to get around backwashing.


Jun 16, 2020
Newnan, GA
We're signed our contract, but are waiting to be scheduled for an install of an inground fiberglass pool. We've been quoted a sand filter, but i'm concerned about backwashing. The two suggestions seem to be watering the lawn with backwash (which i don't want to do as we're going to have a salt water pool), or feed it into our sewer line (which I can't do because we're on a septic system). I could plumb 200+ feet worth of PVC to the back of our property and dump it out there, but honestly if I didn't have to do that work, that would be nice. Should I investigate what it would cost me to swap to a cartrage filter? (I figure I can clean that with fresh water, so that's not an issue). Am I going to be happier with a sand filter and just need to suck it up and run the line? Thanks for any suggestions/comments.


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Mar 4, 2015
Sugar Land , TX
Weigh out the total cost difference between the 2 and decide which is budget friendly and which is easier to use and maintain. I clean my 4 cartridge system 3 -4 times per year depending on pollen season. Not sure how often you have to backwash a sand system


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Jun 16, 2019
I wouldn’t do any of it without a cartridge filter. Specifically without a big cartridge filter. Now, I also happen to like Dodges and will never own a Chevy. Just like the sand filters, there are a bazillion people in Chevys that disagree with me. But in this case you can’t use the non existing sewer and don’t want to backwash your lawn so then you need to trench through the backyard. It just makes sense to go cartridge. You will spend $200-$300 more to go real big and everytime you go 6 months between cleanings you will wonder why you you ever second guessed it.

It is absolute peanuts in the scope of the project cost for something so critical to operation. The same also goes for having a big honkin pump IMHO.