New Pool and want Automation


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Dec 14, 2014
Hello all I'm finishing up my first IG pool. As of now my pool consist of 14x28 14k gallon salt water pool, hayward 2hp pump, lion fountains, lion spouts, sheer descent. From what my PB says is that i would have 3 valves to control these things. I also have a pool light, pavers lights, and spot light on the palm tree that I want to control. Maybe in the future I would add a electric heater to the pool. So my question is since I have all hayward products, should I go with the hayward ps-4 or ps-8 to control what I have? Thanks


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May 19, 2010
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:wave: Welcome to TFP!!!

Just a single speed pump right now?
Are the lights Hayward color changing lights or just a regular light?

With the exception of maybe the light, there is nothing that you have now that would tie you to any brand of automation ... although if you have the Hayward SWG, that would integrate better with the Hayward automation.

You would need a relay for the pump and then one for each light, I would suggest the PS-8 so that you have more relays available for the future (like a 2-speed pump which would use 2 relays).

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