New pool - 5 weeks into it


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Aug 13, 2010
We are currently five weeks into our new pool, and I recently came across this site while researching ways to do our own water testing. I ordered the TF-100 test kit last week and performed my first water test yesterday. Results are:

FC: 1.5
CC: 0.5
TC: 2.0
pH: 7.2
T/A: 40
CH: 170
CYA: 0 - never saw black dot go away
Water temp: 90

I have been using E-Z Clor big tabs, Super Shock-It, and Poolife Alkalinity Plus (from local pool store).

Just started reading pool school...but wanted to get a jump start on interpreting these test results.

Also, the water is currently clear.

Thanks for the help.


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Nov 18, 2009
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EZ Chlor is trichlor, which adds CYA. Super Shock-It is Cal-Hypo, which adds CH. Either of these is ok for now since your CYA is low and your CH is low, but they wont stay that way since CYA and CH build up (they are not consumed like FC is).

If you are reading pool school you should have learned that weekly shocking is not needed for a properly sanitized pool.
You should also learn the CYA/Chlorine relationship.

Do you plan on switching to liquid chlorine?

Right now your CYA is low, so the sun quickly burn off FC during the day. If you continue to use trichlor it will build up, and will be ok for a while. Then it will continue to build up to a point where the pool is over-stabilized and the chlorine loses it's effectiveness.

If you pool is plaster you should get your CH up a little.

Also you should get your TA up a little. If you are going to continue to use trichlor you can bring it up over 100, which will help keep your pH up. If you are going to switch to liquid chlorine only bring it up to 70-80. Alkalinity Plus is just expensive baking soda. You can use regular baking soda and save money.

You pH is borderline low, and will continue to drop if you use trichlor. You can use borax (from the grocery store laundry aisle) to raise it.


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Apr 1, 2007
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I would suggest correcting your parameters just a coupleof steps at a time...

1. Get your FC up to 2-4ppm and keep it up there with daily additions of liquid chlorine (bleach)

2. Get stabilizer in your pool up to 40ppm. Do you know how to use the pool calculator in my sig?


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Aug 13, 2010
Thanks for the replies.

Sorry for the late response from me...I have been traveling.

Yes, I plan on switching to liquid chlorine.

My latest test numbers from today are:

FC: 2.0
CC: 0.0
TC: 2.0
pH: 6.8
T/A: 30
CH: 120
CYA: 0 - never saw black dot go away
Water temp: 90

duraleigh- you suggested correcting my parameters a couple of steps at a time...

I realize that based on my test results, I need to adjust FC, pH, TA, and CYA.

is your recommendation the same based on my latest numbers? to just get started with the liquid chlorine and stabilizer?

I plugged my values into the pool calculator, and it returned the amounts of chemicals to add for each parameter. Should I begin testing daily or every other day until I hit the target results? I recall that the stabilizer might take a week before my CYA levels begin registering on the test. But once my FC level is up to 4, then should I move on to another parameter or wait on the CYA level to hit the target.



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Jul 13, 2010
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Sounds like you're definitely on the right track.... you've got a good test kit, you're asking for advice before problems start, and you've got clear water.

With 0 CYA, chlorine won't stick around too long in the sun, so it's probably a good idea to test your FC level at least daily, making sure it stays up around 3 or 4ppm.

It would be a good idea to get some CYA in there fairly soon. -- If you want to use up the EZ Chlor, I would add enough CYA to get you up to about 20 ppm, then continue to use up the tabs knowing that each one will add a bit of CYA (in your case, a rough guess is about 1ppm / puck). If you just want to keep the tabs around for vacations etc., add enough CYA to get you up to 35-40 ppm.

If it were me, I'd slowly pour about a gallon of bleach in front of one of the returns to get the chlorine up to around 4ppm or so. Then I'd slowly add about 80% of the recommended amount of borax to the skimmer. It will get pulled into the filter, and dissolve over several hours raising the pH. By adding only 80% of the recommended amounts, you avoid over-shooting your target. Then after testing pH and Cl tomorrow, plug your new current values into the pool calculator, and follow the recommendations.