New Plaster Startup question


Jun 17, 2014
Had new plaster (Diamond Brite Blue Quartz)/tile installed this spring and finished filling/turned on the pumps Saturday afternoon (5/13). Pump/filter running 24h/day. Test results as follows:

FC:0 CC:0 pH:7.5 TA:280 CH:350 CYA:0 Temp: 66

I have been checking pH and TA, and adding acid to lower pH to 7.2 twice/day. Will my high TA cause any problems for the new plaster? I know there isn't much I can do for it except keep adding acid when the pH creeps up. So far the highest the pH has gotten is 7.5.

I am brushing 2x/day, but not seeing a ton of plaster dust.

I am nervous about not having any chlorine, but also don't want to add it in too soon. Should I add it tonight or wait another day? I would hate for things to turn green on me.

Any recommendations, or am I on the right track? Also, when I add in CYA and chlorine is it OK to use granular CYA and bleach like I usually do?


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Aug 10, 2012
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Here is what SGM wants you to do, And be sure to register the warranty,

The high TA (that is really high) will push your pH up a lot. It is very important to keep PH at 7.8 or less to prevent calcium scale. More here, Pool School - Calcium Scaling. You are correct that adding acid to lower PH will slowly lower TA too. Or you can actively lower TA following this process, Pool School - Lower Total Alkalinity

They say to add chlorine on day 3, I would not wait that long. The little bit of chlorine in your tap water will not last a day with no CYA. Nobody wants to SLAM a brand new pool.

Yes, granular CYA in a sock or knee high is fine. Give it a squeeze regularly to help it dissolve faster. And bleach is also fine.


Jun 17, 2014
Thanks for the reply! The pool school article on starting up new plaster says to add chlorine "SLOWLY" What exactly is slowly? I added CYA at lunch time to get to 30ppm. How much chlorine should I add tonight? Should I shoot for the target of 4-6ppm that pool math suggests? Any risk to adding chlorine before I officially reach 72hrs since I turned on pumps?
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