New plaster help, streaks still there


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Apr 30, 2010
I had Midnight Blue Diamondbrite installed on a Friday. they added the water that night but PB couldn't come out until Monday to get started with the acid/brushing etc. The told me it would be no issue to not brush over the weekend (I wasn't given my brush yet so didn't have much choice). On monday they came out, added the acid and now brushing 2 times a day. In several areas, including the baja shelf, there where lighter streaky areas before the acid was added where it looks like the sediment or dust settled. They have darkened some but still fairly noticeable. By not brushing for the first three days after the plaster was done and water was added, is this the reason the streaky areas are there and something I should demand the PB remedy (if at all possible)?
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