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I replaced my old single speed pump with a Pentair VSF 011056 this past week due to a power surge which destroyed the old pump. I used to think that my water was absolutely clear but after just 3 days I realize that the VSF has taken clarity to a whole new level. I am a little confused about optimum settings that will give a good balance of clarity & energy savings.

The VSF is now set at 30 GPM for 12 hours (daytime), giving me approx 2 full turnovers. In addition I am running 2 hours at 80 GPM (late night) giving me a little less than 1 additional turnover. My filter is a Hayward DE4820 which is rated at Max 96 GPM. My low speed was initially set at 20 GPM, but I raised it to 30 as air was never fully evacuated from pump basket and was getting considerable bubbles from the pool returns.

Any Thoughts?


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May 20, 2020
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The VSF is a great pump and it provides good circulation even at low RPM (or GPM in your case). I use mine in RPM setting but I moved to longer run times (22 hrs) at lower speeds. You really do not need to focus on turnover but more consistent circulation is better.

Since you have a SWCG, it may be better to run 22 or even 24 hrs to get constant dosing of chlorine to your pool. Also it is better to keep your pump running then to go through multiple start and stops.

I have a low speed set for the full pump run time, then for 6 hrs in morning it ramps up to a higher speed for skimming and when my pressure side cleaner kicks on. Then it goes back to the lower speed for several hours and then it kicks to a slightly higher speed for 4 hrs then back to the low speed for remainder of run time. My pump turns off only 1 per 24 hrs. I have an automation system that helps me program all of the different schedules.

VS pumps tend to have some bubbles at low speed settings however, mine does not push to the pool returns. I think with my various schedules it clears out the bubbles and not a major factor.
Hope this helps.
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