New Pentair Intelliflo VSF


Jun 9, 2019
Pleasant Hill. CA
I replaced my old single speed Whisperflo 011513 pool pump with the Intelliflo VSF 011056. The installer suggested running it on my old program (7 hours for the pump and 3 for the sweep) at 2600 RPM.

What is the best way to optimize energy savings from this fancy new pump? I feel like I should be able to turn it down when the sweep is off, yes? Is it better to run longer and lower versus what I have going now?


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Mar 30, 2015
Chico, CA
I bet you can lower those speeds a bit... I have a 12k gal pool and the pool runs at 1700, the cleaner at 2200, waterfall at 1900 and the freeze at 1000 rpm. I don't know if you have intellitouch/easytouch/nothing but it's fun to look at the power usage on my intellitouch panel (or screenlogic if you have that)


Jun 9, 2019
Pleasant Hill. CA
I decided to do some data collection today and find the RPMs for my setup that gave me the highest GPM/watt and discovered 1550 RPM is the sweet spot for efficiency (once again on my setup at least).

That corresponds to about 25 GPM and I think my old pump was pushing about 60-70 GPM.

Should I shoot for running my pump the same amount of time to get that number of gallons filtered (27000ish before, it appears), or is there another way to figure the time factor out?


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

The idea that you have to "turnover" your pool water X times a day is just a myth.. You can run your pump as long as you like, but you should not be running it because of the turnover myth..

Chemicals are what keeps your pool clear and sanitized, not the number of times the water passes through the filter. The filter is there to pick up what falls into your pool, not to keep it from turning green..

Many people run their pumps as little as two hours a day this time of year. As long as you run your pump long enough to keep your pool skimmed, the way your want, and long enough so that your tab feeder or SWCG provides the amount of chlorine you need, then there is no reason to run your pump any longer.


Jim R.