New Pentair Booster pump whine


New member
May 19, 2017
Seabrook, tx
My 10+ year old Pentair booster LA01N burned up and I installed a new one in its place. Same exact pump, installed correctly. Voltage correct, wiring correct, ground, water flow, etc, all correct. The pump moves my Polaris 280 nicely around the pool.

However, this new pump has a loud high pitch whine. Extremely annoying. The old pump (before it burned up) was much quieter. I couldn't hear it run unless I was standing next to it. I can hear the new pump whine 50 yards away. Could this be because its new and needs to be broken in or is this bad bearings out of the box? I have copied the link to the video so you can hear for yourself. When I put my ear up to the pump, I can tell that the whine is coming from the front of the motor or impeller. Please let me know if this is normal.