New Pebblesheen vs solar floating skimmer


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Sep 7, 2019
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We have an automatic solar pool skimmer (we live in the woods) and we recently got our pool renovated with aqua blue pebblesheen. We’ve been diligent about taking care of the new surface. Although we have a swg, we’ve been using pucks (in a floater and inside the solar skimmer) and dichlor until we hit the 30 days to add salt. Now we are past the 30 days (pool company is adding salt tomorrow). We were away this weekend and when we were gone one of our rafts blew into the pool and trapped the skimmer against the wall.

When we came home and freed the skimmer, the puck compartment of the skimmer was empty and we now have a white streak on our new pebblesheen.
I’m heartbroken. Will the rest of the area fade so it’s less noticeable? Is it bleached or could it be calcium from the puck? Will I literally have a line for the next 15 years??


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Jan 17, 2012
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Oh I know you're shattered at that but I have to say owners always notice things no one else does. I think any attempts to hide it or fix it will result in something even less desirable
Practice Wabi-Sabi (google it). There is beauty in imperfections.

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