New PebbleSheen Pool - Calcium Hardness 150


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Jul 17, 2013
Magnolia, TX
I have a new pool that was completed about 50 days ago. Currently my CH level is at 150. Leslie's Pool Supply is telling me that I should not add Calcium Hardness Increaser until the pool is at least 4 months old. Is there any reason for this?

FC 4
TC 4
PH 7.6
TA 80
CH 150
CA 60
Phosphates 2500
TDS 700

Total Gallons 20,211
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Dec 31, 2019
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Ignore Leslie’s. They give terrible advice, and most of their employees don’t own pools to begin with.

For the CH level, take a look at what Pebbletec recommends, which is up to 250 as I recall. I generally keep mine between 250-300.

Couple of other things based on your water parameters:
* Your FC level is too low for a CYA level of 60. As CYA goes up, you need to increase your FC level. At CYA of 60, you should keep your FC in the 7-9 range. Check the ABCs under the Pool School section of this web site for the recommended FC ranges.

* Please don’t buy any phosphate reducers. Leslies love to push their reducer product, but there’s no need to mess with phosphates if you keep your FC level in the correct range.
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