New Pebble finish is fading in some spots

Vinny s

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Aug 6, 2007
We installed a new pebble finish and it is now turning white in about 50% of the area. We had metal staining on our plaster about two years ago after installing a SWG. We turned it off and installed the new finish only to have the white stains appear and we have not turned on the SWG yet.

We tested the water for metal and added Jacks Black magic. We also tried Jack's Black Magic stain removal #2 and no change. Finally an unusual thing happened as we got a white powdery substance in the spa. It wasn't from the stain, because the stain remained. This has never happened before and our PB is testing the material. It was like the was something in the pipes that cause this. Has anyone seen this before?


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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
You are probably getting calcium scale. Test your PH now and get it into a reasonable range right away. I suspect your PH has gotten quite high and that is causing the scaling.

Vinny s

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Aug 6, 2007
Pebble finish is fading

Here are my numbers.

Free CHL 2.9
Calcium 400
CYA 56
PH 6.8 (recently lowerd)
TA 60
Salt 0
Iron and copper 0
We used Jack's Magic purple and blue stuff as directed by them when we added the new water and periodically since. The PPM of this sequestent goes fro 20 to 10 in about 5 days. My pool guy says something is using it up, but iron and copper is 0.We also used Jack's Magic stain remover #2 and that did not work. The only metal we have not tested for is Manganese. When chlorine is added, the water turns cloudy then green and clears up after about 6 hours of filter time.

How can I find a chemist in So Cal, or where can I send a sample to get an independent test?