New Owner, Used Pool, What is what - And a missing Weir Door

Hello All,

Been at our house 2 years and inherited an older pool. According to the step, it was made by "Walnut Pools". Some work to update it is in our future, but until then, it holds water and cools us off.

There are a few things about this pool that I don't know what they are or what they do. Hoping this fine community can help me. First the pictures:

1. I can see why the heater doesn't work. I originally thought just putting in a new heater would be fine, but I guess I don't know how the plumbing is supposed to be as its gone. Is the heater located after the filter, then returns to the spa/pool? In other words, water always flows through the heater even when its not heating?

2. I think I have the valves figured out. The way it is now, water is removed from the main pool (not sure about the spa) and comes back in both the spa and two returns on the pool. If I move the top one to the right, the Spa jets turn on. If I move the bottom one to the right the water comes only out of the Spa. I guess both to the right would be for heating and using Spa only. Am I missing anything?

3. The Spa has two things that look like drains, is that what they are? I know I need to cover the one on the side.

4. There is a picture looking down the pool wall where a male threaded broken piece of plastic sticks out. Was that a separate port for a cleaner? There is never any suction there, not sure if it works

5. I don't know if the main drain works at all, if it does, I'm not sure how to activate or use it. Yes another cover for that one.

6. Lastly, I need a weir Door. I exchanged some emails with inyo pools, but since I was unable to find anything identifying, they couldn't determine the model. Any guesses?

Thank you!


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You can measure the skimmer opening and get a pressure mounted weir to fit in the opening. Something like this:
For question #4, that probably is a dedicated port. You may have to block the flow from the skimmer for it to get suction, unless it is plumbed to run from a booster pump. Your pad doesn't look like there was room for a booster pump, however.